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What Our Clients Say

When we set out to upsize in Stonebridge in the spring of 2021, Niraj was our first choice. He helped us navigate the buying and selling side of the real estate market during a very challenging time in the Ottawa market. Niraj has a wealth of knowledge of the real estate in Stonebridge and beyond. He advised us throughout the process on the house prices, house models, and even renovation potential of homes. On the selling side, we were extremely pleased with him and his team, loved how the staging and pictures turned out, and felt well informed throughout the viewing and offer review process. At all times, he was very professional and answered our many questions promptly. We were certain of the best results throughout our selling and buying journey. We highly recommend his services as a real estate agent.

Alam & Harkiran, August 2021

We had the opportunity to interview several real estate brokers and without hesitation, we decided to work with Niraj. So far, Niraj has represented us in three real estate transactions, and we cannot be more impressed.  Niraj helped us purchase our home in 2017 in Stonebridge.  In 2021, we decided to sell our home and move to a larger property and again Niraj helped us in these two transactions. Throughout the purchasing and selling process, Niraj maintained constant communication, provided regular feedback, and answered all questions along the way.  He follows a successful process that starts with market analysis, understanding our goals, house preparation and professional staging, intelligent marketing and achieving results in a very short period of time.  Moreover, Niraj is a very strong negotiator and goal oriented.  He understands the psychology of the sellers and the buyers and knows how to market a house and brings the maximum realistic dollar value out of it.  We also benefitted from his very strong network.  You will never go wrong while having Niraj by your side in these serious transactions.  His dedication, professionalism and knowledge of the market is unparalleled.  We will definitely recommend Niraj to anyone looking at selling or purchasing a home.

Mayada and Mostafa, April 2021

Niraj was the first real estate agent we ever hired to sell our family home. Working with him made me question why I never had before. The experience was truly amazing. Niraj,  through his network and experience, was able to attract interested buyers and succeeded in selling our Stonebridge home – in one weekend! He made the process seamless and easy. I would highly recommend his services! Following the successful sale of my home, it was without hesitation that I used the service of Niraj to help me find the perfect home close to downtown. I had a long list of wishes and Niraj provided great options for me, each meeting my expectations. He was attentive and thoughtful in his advice, never pushing me in one direction or another, but giving me the right mindset and confidence to buy my new home. I am so grateful to be where I am, and for that, I can thank Niraj Singhal.

Nadine Boivin, February 2021

"只用了一天我们在Stonebridge的独立屋就售出,而且成交价创了同一房型的新高。对于这个结果我们非常满意! 虽然当下房市火爆,但也存在某些不确定性,所以选择一个可靠,专业水准高, 有多年丰富经验的房产经纪是确保获得一个良好预期的保证,这是我们在这次售房过程中的最大感受。  和Niraj合作,我们感觉整个售房过程是非常愉快的。虽然我们的母语不是英语,但和Niraj 交流不存在任何问题。 我们能感受到他对我们作为他的客户的尊重,耐心和细心。我们的每一个问题和要求都能得到他的坦诚的,完整的,专业的回答和回应。Niraj 很了解Stonebridge 的房子,能够以他专业和独有的眼光发现我们房子的独有价值。这其实对买卖双方都很有意义。因为如果不懂得和认同房子的价值,一个经纪很难真心去为这个潜在的价格去努力,而买家也可能错过一个良好的机会。Niraj 和他的团队为我们的售房做了量身定做的服务,以增强房子的竞争力,这一点我们深有感触。和许多位曾经选用过Niraj 售房服务的Stonebridge homeowners 一样,我们真心向你推荐Niraj!"

Yan and Huang, February 2021

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